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Enabling student success through in-situ-learning and powerful learning insights (sponsored by Kortext)

Wednesday 3 July: Conference day one, 4:00pm – 4:30pm parallel session



Room 5 – 301-G050 Lg Chem



Maureen Quinn



When thinking about retraining, continuing professional development or studying at university, traditionally there would be cost, time and travel requirements. A commitment that would involve part-time or full-time study, at synchronous times in a cohort of like-minded individuals. With the challenges facing Higher Education as well as the opportunities created by globalisation, a new school of thought is growing. It considers bite-sized, asynchronous, communities of learners, completing well-designed learning pathways as the model of the future. These modes and models are expanding and accelerating globally. With models such as micro-credentialing (RMIT in Australia), MOOCs (FutureLearn in the U.K.) and CPD (OnFulfillment in the U.S.) this session examines the need for world-class published content and digital learning pathways by leading authors, researchers and teachers, seamlessly integrated into these modes and models. The creation of a single digital reading experience and a personal digital library across these different learning experiences create lifelong learning analytics that previously had not existed.


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