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Essentials of screen recording

Wednesday 3 July: Conference day one, 4:00pm – 5:30pm mini workshop



Room 6 – 303-B05 Sem



Dr Amanda Charlton
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Associate Professor Diane Kenwright
University of Otago, New Zealand



Ever watched a YouTube video to solve a software problem? For example, ‘How do I change the PowerPoint slide size to A0’ ? Well, you are watching a screen recording, also known as screencasting and video screen capture. This is a video recording with audio narration, not to be confused with screenshot/capture, which is a still photo.  For educators, screen recording is ideal for recording your presentations in a controlled environment, recording feedback on student work, explaining images such as digital microscopy, radiology, graphic design, art, and recording a digital whiteboard.

One of the changes in higher education is resource creation or conversion for online delivery. We know student learning is enhanced by multimodal delivery. Screen recorded videos are a multimodal online learning resource.  A challenge for academics is developing the skills in a time efficient manner to create such resources. This structured workshop will overcome the initial barrier to just getting started and will enable academics to create and share screen recorded educational videos in 90 mins. Tertiary institutions urge academics to use technology to deliver content online. Because the screen recording in this workshop is created using free software, it is equitably accessible to educators and students alike without barriers, and no institutional budgets are harmed.


Target audience

Are you an educator who has screen recording on your list of skills to learn? Do you enjoy hands on learning together with like-minded friends and colleagues? Then this workshop is for you.


Intended outcomes for participants

At the end of this 90 min mini workshop you will have created and shared your first screen recorded video and will be able to do it again.


Presentation topic

Academics – Academic development

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