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Audacious Course Design Project

Thursday 4 July: Conference day two, 4:45pm – 5:15pm parallel session



Room 4 – 303-G16, Sem



Angie Knaggs



This showcase proposal outlines the development of a University of Queensland, Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty Course via the Audacious Course Design Project. The course will be a blended, work integrated learning course that aims to tackle the big problems of today in partnership with industry. The proposed course will be available to all BEL students (undergraduate) in their final year of study.

The Audacious Course Design Project engages a Staff-Student-Partnership team of four faculty students to plan and run a 24-hour Create-a-thon in June 2019. This event is a design sprint in which 100 key stakeholders–BEL academics, BEL students and members of Industry–come together to collaborate intensively in teams on the course and research design project. A team of trained facilitators will guide the participants through four sessions of divergent and then convergent thinking activities designed to discover and co-create new ways of educational design. The goal of the Create-a-thon is for the teams to create an actionable and fit-for-purpose course and research design by the end of the event. The pairing of course and research design is key to the innovative research output of this project; however, what is perhaps most striking is that the nature of the course and research design remain unknowable until it is co-created through the design sprint.

While the exact structure of the Create-a-thon will be determined by the Staff-Student-Partnership team, it will be modelled on Kaos Pilot Vision Backcasting, a collaborative framework for the creation of education experiences that develop the attitudes and mindset necessary for personal growth. The design event will have a specific focus, including the knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies, capacities, abilities, tasks, responsibilities, skills, mindset, impact and experience.

In order to capture the process, we will encourage work-in-progress social media posts, and results and details will be shared by the Students as Partners team, allowing participants to share, learn and build from the ideas generated and initial work completed. Digital tools will be used to record group voting and polling, and Post-event participant surveys will be utilised to measure engagement. Permission to use this data will be sought from participants at the event registration and ethics approval will be undertaken to make use of the collected data for later research if it is required by the research team.


Presentation topic

Tertiary – New Developments

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