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I ngā rā o mua: Challenges, changes and opportunities of indigenising university teaching and research

Thursday 4 July: Conference day two, 1:15pm – 2:15pm keynote



Large Chem, 301-G050



Associate Professor Meegan Hall
Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Mātauranga Māori), Victoria University of Wellington



This year’s HERDSA conference asks us to think about the next generation of higher education. One key area of change is student diversity, and the challenges and opportunities that brings. As someone who has worked to increase Indigenous university graduates in New Zealand over the last 25 years, I relish the culture shift that growing student diversity brings. So, when the Times Higher Education recently published a story that asked, “How far should the indigenisation of university teaching and research go?”, it peaked my interest. In this talk, I will offer my response to the author’s question of whether it is “realistic” and “wise” to blend Indigenous knowledge into teaching curricula and the conceptual frameworks informing research. I will draw on Indigenous concepts and pedagogies from “ngā rā o mua” (the days before) and apply them within the context of the next generation of higher education.


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