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Mobile Video Production Workshop: Exploring a BYOD development framework and toolkit

Thursday 4 July: Conference day two, 2:15pm – 3:45pm parallel mini-workshop



Room 3 – 303-G15 Sem



Dr Thomas Cochrane
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

David Sinfield
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand



The workshop will explore the unique affordances of mobile devices for enabling collaborative user-generated content and authentic learning environments. The workshop will take the form of an interactive guided exploration and discussion of an ecology of resources for mobile collaborative video production and sharing. The workshop is founded upon the facilitators’ wide experience of running similar workshops for students and academic staff (Cochrane & Sinfield, 2017, 2018; Cochrane, Sinfield, Steagall, & Tolutau, 2016; Sinfield & Cochrane, 2018; Sinfield, Cochrane, & Steagall, 2017; Steagall, Sinfield, Cochrane, & Tolutau, 2016), and is theoretically grounded upon the presenters’ PhD work that has developed a framework for developing mobile video documentaries (Sinfield, 2018) and mobile VR learning environments (Cochrane et al., 2017).


Target audience

  • People wanting to explore or engage with mobile video production
  • People interested in ideas for enabling user-generated content and contexts in public spaces and strategies for designing learning experiences for the mobile social media age
  • People with the ability to install and use smartphone/Tablet applications and willing to use a variety of social media tools


Intended outcomes for participants

The workshop will create participant discussion and highlight awareness around “the intersection of mobile learning, new pedagogies, SOTEL [Scholarship of technology enhanced learning], DBR [Design Based Research], and authentic learning” ( Participants will develop a mobile video production toolkit, and explore a framework for grounding the use of mobile devices for enabling collaborative user-generated content and authentic learning environments (Cook & Santos, 2016).


Activities include invitations to

  • participate in the ASCILITE Mobile Learning SIG Community;
  • establish a SOTEL research cluster group (;
  • participate in an online survey, and a Twitter stream using the #ascilitemlsig hashtag.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for back channel interaction, and exploring examples of mobile collaborative video and 360 degree video production. The workshop will also demonstrate the creation and sharing of mobile collaborative content using tools such as Google Streetview, and YouTube 360.

Schedule (90 mins)

  • Introductions (5 min)
  • Participant survey (5 min)
  • Overview of collaborative mobile video production technologies (10 min)
  • Mobile video activities (10 min)
  • Collaborative Video project development (45 min)
  • Sharing and review of participant projects
  • Reflections – sharing of project URLs and reflections via Twitter and the #MESH360 hashtag
  • END



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Presentation topic

Mini-workshop 7

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