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Learning to write reflectively for SoTL

Wednesday 3 July: 5:30pm – 7:00pm, poster session



Julia Savage
Deakin University



In my university there has been a growing interest in scholarly Teaching and Learning practice and scholarly Teaching and Learning research. Helping to create interest in SoTL is the introduction of Higher Education Advance Fellowship, and, the growing group of Teaching Scholars who want to make their teaching the focus of their research and writing for publication. One aspect of scholarly practice that has presented challenges for academics in University Schools (other than Education) is writing reflectively about teaching practice. There has been work undertaken at my university to design and implement professional development activities for faculty members in this reflective writing space. I propose to run a shortened version of a guided, collaborative workshop on writing reflectively about SoTL.


Target Audience

The target audience is likely to be teaching academics interested in applying for fellowships in HE Advance (previously HEA) but have not previous experience in writing reflectively, and academics interested in writing reflectively about their scholarly research and practice but not previously active in this form of writing.


Intended outcomes for participants

Participants will have written short, reflective statements about their teaching practice experiences, including identifying and writing about their personal teaching philosophies.



  1. Group activity evaluating the reflective discourse of a piece of writing.
  2. Shared writing activity/discussion to enhance individuals’ own reflections about a personal teaching philosophy.


Presentation topic

Poster session

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