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Microbits, Robots and AR: Making Digital Skills Explicit with the Digital Skill Development (DSD) framework

Tuesday 2 July: Pre-conference parallel workshop, 1:30pm – 4:30pm



Room 206-213



Barbara Yazbeck
Monash University Library

Lyn Torres
Monash University Library

Amber McLeod
Faculty of Education, Monash University


Presentation type

Pre-conference workshop


Workshop overview

Digital literacy is a required graduate outcome critical for learning, working, and functioning in the 21st century. However, defining the dimensions inherent in digital literacy and demonstrating the progressive development of such skills is challenging as pedagogical tools that provide guidance for the explicit development of students’ digital skills are lacking.  A library-led initiative at Monash University brought educators from across the university into a collaboration to create the Digital Skill Development (DSD) framework. Distinctively, the DSD framework offers a flexible and adaptable learning continuum and a conceptual model for developing students’ digital skills in the curriculum.


Target audience

Academics, Librarians, Learning Advisers, curriculum developers and students.


Addressing conference sub-theme

‘Students’ and the related sub-themes of ‘learning’, ‘technology’, ‘global learning’ and ‘future graduates’.


Intended outcomes for participants

Workshop participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the cognitive, metacognitive, affective, social and psychomotor skills our students need to develop in order to participate in a digital world.  The objectives of the workshop include interpreting the relationship between digital skills and learner autonomy  and how these elements can become more explicitly articulated in curriculum and assessment design though the use of the DSD framework. 


Learning intentions

  • Identify and articulate digital skills in learning contexts

  • Explore how digital skills can be made explicit in curriculum

  • Interpret the relationship between students’ digital skill development and learner autonomy

  • Share how the DSD framework might be applied in practice.


Outline of activities

The workshop is underpinned by discovery learning approaches that incorporate active group work. Participants will explore new technologies i.e. microbits, robots, AR (to be provided) and will be able to self-assess their confidence and competence using the DSD skills self-assessment tool. The workshop offers time for questions and discussion. Practical strategies for participants to apply the framework to their teaching practice will be a focus.


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